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Are you starting an online business? Then you must know about the inside out of website hosting towards ensuring top-notch success for your business. Reseller hosting is one such web hosting service that you would like to know about. It is a type of hosting allows the hosting owner or the account holder to resell the hosting services. The account holders, in this case, might be individuals looking forward to starting a cheap web hosting company of their own or website designers. The reseller hosting services include some specific features including the presence of dedicated web servers, virtual private servers, and shared web hosting accounts.

The reseller in this type of hosting is responsible for splitting the available drive space and the bandwidth that has been given to them with other individuals or services. In the actual sense, the reseller serves to be the middleman between the owners of the third party accounts and the hosting service provider. If you are looking forward to availing reseller hosting services for your business, here are some benefits that you can expect:

  • Increased Features Than Standard Hosting Plans: Most of the web hosting service providers aim at ensuring that the reseller obtains effective control over the respective service offerings and the accounts of the customers. This capability is enabled through the provision of additional features on the given reseller hosting plan. The specialized reseller web hosting plan allows the reseller to gain access over the information of the customers including contact details, billing information, and even account status.


  • Lowered Expenses: It is important to note that most of the reseller web hosting plans out there are available at reduced costs. This turns out to be beneficial for the individuals or service providers looking out for affordable web hosting plans. The resellers are known to market the offering in an independent manner. However, most of the reseller web hosting service providers aim at offering a comprehensive set of branding services as well which in turn, enable the customers to observe the services across the Internet.


  • Better Income Generation: Unlike most of the other basic web hosting plans out there, reseller web hosting comes with the option of increasing the overall revenue generation. The reseller usually obtains additional income from the extra services including management of the data and servers for the business enterprises that might not have ample resources and time to conduct the same for themselves. By serving as a middleman, the resellers are able to get some lucrative commission rates as new customers keep purchasing the given reseller hosting plan. In addition to this, it is increasingly simple to upgrade a reseller account towards accommodating more customers which tends to increase the overall revenue.


Avail the benefits offered by reseller web hosting plan for your business. Enhance the overall success of your online business by availing top-notch reseller web hosting services from reliable service providers out there like Zen Hosting in Australia!